Natural Bridge Tour

The rugged terrain of Aruba's interior and spectacular views of the coastline await you on this majestic horseback ride to the site of what had been one of the longest natural bridges of its type in the world. Your tour begins with a relaxing ride through Aruba’s cunucu, where after a few minutes you leave the road for a trail that takes you to the sea. Enjoy the desert scenery dominated by bushes, cacti, and colorful rock formations, and keep an eye out for wild goats along the way as you travel over terrain only accessible by horse or 4-wheel drive vehicles. 

Following the coast with waves crashing on your right, your ride passes Blackstone Beach which appears to be covered with black sand. Shortly beyond you will discover Aruba’s “Three Little Bridges”, a favorite photo spot for those lucky enough to find it, where the surf carved the rocks to form 3 small bridges in triangle shape around the central base. Continuing onward the tour passes Anducuri Beach, a secluded favorite enjoyed by locals who body surf in its strong waves.

Climbing the adjacent hill offers another magnificent view of the coastline and surroundings, from where you descend to the ruins of the Natural Bridge. Formed of coral limestone cut out by centuries of pounding surf, it spanned more than 100 feet and stood 23 feet above sea level. It collapsed September 2, 2005 and remains a popular tourist site, with a smaller (Baby Bridge) nearby. A brief stop here allows you to explore this site or take advantage of its (pay) facilities and refreshments, before heading back to Rancho Loco.


Our professional and friendly guides begin with Instructions on how to handle a horse and then pair you with one of our well-trained steeds for a comfortable journey. The tour goes through the countryside along a trail offering amazing views of the coastline as you pass the hidden wonders of Balckstone Beach, “3 little bridges” and Andicuri Beach before reaching the Natural Bridge site. Enjoy a 30 +/- minute break there before returning to the greenest ranch in Aruba!


Rancho Loco Will Provide

Guest Should Bring

  1. Hotel Pick-up & Drop-off.
  2. Bottle of Water.
  3. Safety Helmet.
  4. Entrance to the park.
  5. Riding instructions from an experienced guide also trained in emergency first aid response.
  2. Sunblock
  3. Camera.
  4. Sunglasses
  5. Some cash


Additional Information

1. Souveniers are available for purchase
2.  Soft drinks and beer are availabe for purchase



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