On June 30, 2014 we welcomed Phoenix, the first colt born on the ranch.  He is now grown up and going out on tours.  On September 27, 2016 we were blessed again with Honey, our first filly born at the ranch.

After much drilling, on March 4, 2017 we found our own underground fresh water supply - a great accomplishment since the ranch sits 292 feet above sea level!
Rancho Loco was happy to host a Cabalgata on April 23, 2017 sponsored by Organizacion Caballista Arubano (the Aruba horse organization).  The horseback parade around Santa Cruz, attended by about 30 riders, was an excellent opportunity to showcase our ranch to other horse professionals.



The Arikok National Park takes up approximately 18 percent (34 square kilometers / 13 square miles) of the island of Aruba and includes three primary geological formations: the Aruba lava formation, a quartz diorite formation, and a limestone formation that extends inward from the coast. These formations have directly influenced Aruba's human settlement, as well as its natural wonders.

Aruba is home to several species which only live on the island, including two unique species of snake and two bird species. Rock outcroppings also create micro-climatic conditions to support these unique plant and animal species, as well as settlements. These are located within the Arikok National Park almost exclusively. Inside the park are some of the island's oldest Arawak paintings, and has since drawn attention from the government.

First designated as an important national area in the 1980s and later established in 2000, Arikok National Park is home to popular trails, covering all kinds of terrain from hills to gold mines, and even plantation ruins.  In the national park some traditional Aruban houses in the cas di torto style can be visited.


Situated on a deserted stretch of coastline, dramatic shows of water spraying over the rocks occur on a regular basis as the tide rushes to shore.  Known locally as Conchi or Cura di Tortuga, or more familiarly by visitors as the Natural Pool, it is a unique formation of rock created where volcanic stone circles a small depression, or pool.

The Natural Pool is surrounded by some of Aruba’s most rugged terrain, so a visitor truly gets the feeling of having “discovered” something when they reach the site, either by foot, horseback or 4x4 vehicle



 Moro is a flat, large rock formation that lies just offshore from the beach, carved away from the island by centuries of pounding tides.  Its shape resembles the outlines of Aruba which is why locals refer to it as “Little Aruba”.  Come and embark on a ride that will take you to a place you will think is your own private beach!


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